The Milk Carton Kids – Live From Lincoln Theatre

The Milk Carton Kids have been around a few years now, and of course I was aware of them and had heard a few songs here and there. But I never really paid them very much notice. Which was wrong.

Now this live concert is very brilliant indeed. It’s a professionally produced recording so the sound and video quality are both excellent which does make it all the more enjoyable. Especially of interest for a guitar player (yeah, right I can hear you say) like me are the numerous close-ups of both guitars. Kenneth P. even does play a Martin from the 15 series (his a vintage model) like myself. His solo work is outstanding , whereas Joey Ryan’s is more understated, so I guess it’s safe to say that Kenneth P. is the better guitar player of the two. But two is definitely the operative word here, as both the guitar playing and especially the vocal harmonies are simply fabulous. And they write excellent songs (Michigan, Memphis, New York and Honey Honey to name just a few of my fave songs on here).

I’m a fan now, at long last

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