Welcome to Back Road Bound. I’m J Haeske, and this is my latest attempt to describe my blog. It’s about things that move me, inspire me, interest me, in short about things I like. Music has been an important part since I started the blog in May of 2013, and it will definitely continue to be. But after much thinking and being on a trip across the American Midwest recently, I decided to broaden its horizon and post more about my travels and things I saw and experienced on it. It has to be said that I already had planned on doing that before starting the blog but I pretty much neglected to write about much more than music, being somewhat overly busy in my dayjob (I am neither talented and/or clever enough to have made any of my interested into a fulltime job) also contributed to that fact.

In short, and as boring as that may sound, this is my little home on the Internet about all the things keeping my mind occupied, as far as music, art, books, films and my own photos and travel experiences are concerned.

J Haeske

October 2013

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  1. The Swedish singer/songwriter Mathias Lilja has taken his time to write and record his first solo album. It took him about 20 years of playing and recording with various bands and 20 years of living a life with ups and downs, to be able to write and record this album. It was worth the wait.
    We get 9 original song and a cover. Songs that Mathias Lilja has been working on for years, tried and tested while playing live. Beautiful, melancholic songs that speak to your heart.

    In live reviews and interviews in the last few years, several American singer/songwriters been name dropped to describe Mathias Lilja and his music. It’s true that he has not reinvented the wheel, but by adding his own musical experience to the Americana tradition he’sd created his own, contemporary brand of music.

    On the other hand, it’s not a coincidence that the one cover on the album is Townes Van Zandt’s »No Place To Fall«.

    The album was recorded back home in Örebro and co-produced by Lilja and musicians Clas Olofsson and Fredrik Landh.

    Mathias Lilja started his career in some 20 years ago. For almost a decade he was the lead singer/guitarist and main songwriter in the 60′s inspired garagerock foursome “The Strollers”. Their first record “Falling Right Down” (1999) is considered a classic among a lot of garagerock fans. The band released one more full length record “Captain of my ship” (2000), apart from a few 45′s, before their demise in early 2000. Since then he has been the singer/guitarist of yet another acclaimed retro driven group “The Maharajas”. Besides his love for all that has to do with 60’s garage/pop/psychedelic music, Mathias has been hugely inspired by the great musicians and songwriters such as Gram Parsons, Clarence White, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark & Blaze Foley and many others.



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