Bruce Cockburn : Pacing The Cage

Finally bought Bruce Cockburn’s (read my review of his excellent album Nothing But A Burning Light here)  solo live album Slice O Life and Pacing The Cage is (so far) my favorite song from that album. Here he can be heard at his melodic and lyrical best, it’s a wonderful song. The video (if I am not mistaken) is taken from the documentary film about this tour.

3 thoughts on “Bruce Cockburn : Pacing The Cage

    • Thanks to you too – very much enjoyed your toppermost post – some good selections indeed. You (?) mention the biography, have you read that by now? What do you think? I really have been neglecting Bruce Cockburn for far too long, liked him (a bit way back in the late 1980’s), but never listened to him much until watching the documentary earlier this year.

      • Jay Yes, I have read most of his autobiography. An excellent read, if like Bruce himself, occasionally slightly over-earnest. It is refreshing, though, to see a rock musician with a genuine interest in the world around him and a genuine commitment to combining the highest level of artistic integrity with a social conscience. his more recent music is worth checking out…

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