Two Gallants : The Hand That Held Me Down

Two Gallants are very dear to my heart and I consider their 2nd album 2GS one of the best 10 or so albums of all time, it certainly is for me. But more about that some other time. They also have got a brand new album called We Are Undone out, but I have only listened to that once so I can’t say I have an opinion about it yet. Anyway, here’s one (of the many) most excellent tracks from 2GS – probably the one I like best (but there are days I would choose another one, it’s full of great songs).

3 thoughts on “Two Gallants : The Hand That Held Me Down

  1. How is it that I’d never heard of Two Gallants before? I love this! Now I’m off to see where to buy the album! Thank you so much.

    • Hello! That is great news – it’s what I’ve been hoping for, somebody discovering great music through my blog. Thank you, Denise! I hope you get a copy (shouldn’t be a problem) it’s amazing from start to finish, and one of the very best albums ever made – simply perfect and gorgeous. Let me know what you think. J

      • I just bought it! I went for the physical CD rather than a download so am still waiting for it to arrive. But, soon!

        Thanks for turning me on to this band. I’ve been listening to more of their stuff on YouTube and really loving it.

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