Joshua James – Crash This Train

Further to my post from earlier this week here’s another splendid track by Joshua James. I can’t really decide which version I do like better, the full-band one or the acoustic version, which one do you prefer? As for the ‘videos’, I love the photo of a train on the prairie (acoustic version), naturally (make sure you turn on the full-screen view to get the best possible experience out of that photo).

2 thoughts on “Joshua James – Crash This Train

  1. Usually I prefer acoustic versions, but this time I like the band version more (but I would say the band version is also acoustic with a few more instruments :-))) ). Anyhow the voice is great!

    • Thanks for taking the time to check this out. You are right, it’s mainly acoustic, but the acoustic version is making do without some of the more dramatic elements, which I like.

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