The Pines : All The While (Live On 89.3 The Current)

A brand new discovery for me (they have been around for a few years though), The Pines totally enchanted me with this utterly fabulous and gorgeous version of their song All The While from their 2012 album Dark So Gold, which I don’t know yet, as I have only just ordered it. But if it’s only half as good as this track hints at, you probably will be reading about it on here soon. One of them is also the son of Bo Ramsey whom you can see talked/written about here before. Or here. And a few times more. If you also take into account that they are on Red House Records it’s perhaps no wonder they are this good. Anyway, here it is:


6 thoughts on “The Pines : All The While (Live On 89.3 The Current)

    • Thanks for your comment. Well, is that a good thing or rather not? Haven’t been following Mr. Adams career for a long while now, although I liked his early work a lot. Should give him another try possibly. Will start working on my review of The Pines’ album ‘Dark So Gold’ soon, I have to say that the version on here is even better than the one on the album, it’s pretty much perfect and shows you how good these guys are as musicians.

      • Ryan Adams is still the same musical chameleon that he has always been, so his work is all over the place in terms of style but he still has the ability to blow me away with some of his best songs.

      • I really loved those first two Whiskeytown records. I just found him a bit arrogant after seeing him live around the time of his first, succesfull, sole record, that’s what put me off if I remember correctly – it was such a long time ago.

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