Fort Kearny, Nebraska

Fort Kearny was the first post on the Oregon Trail and in existence from 1848 to 1871. It was used as a way station and supply center for settlers on the way to Oregon and to protect them from Indian raids, which actually didn’t really occur at the fort. It was also used as a station on the Pony Express in 1860/1861. Another use in its last few years was to protect workers building the Union Pacific line towards the west. You can’t really tell how much life there must have been in here as only a few buildings have been rebuilt so far, but it’s still a fascinating place and the visitor center host a very informative exhibition telling the story of the fort and containing a wealth of artifacts from that period. Fort Kearny is located a few miles south of Kearney, NE

Blacksmith Shop, Fort Kearny, NebraskaBlacksmith shop

Fort Kearny, Nebraska

Fort Kearny, Nebraska

Powder magazine, Fort Kearny, Nebraska

Powder magazine

Fort Kearny, Nebraska

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