Franklin, Nebraska

I passed through Franklin by chance on my way from Kearney to Red Cloud, but am very glad I did, if for the Lincoln Hotel alone. It seems to have been standing empty for some time, but at least it is still standing, I hope somebody will give it a new lease of life soon, it would be very sad indeed to lose a fine old structure like this. It is located in Franklin County in Southern Nebraska and close to the Kansas state line. It was founded in 1870 and the site of Franklin Academy from 1880 to 1921.  According to the city’s website ( its most famous alumni is Frank Cyr, the creator of the yellow school bus. The population is about 1000 people.

Lincoln Hotel, Franklin, NE

Franklin, Nebraska


4 thoughts on “Franklin, Nebraska

  1. Back around 2003, a family from Californa moved here and opened up this place. Had a full bar, kitchen and even opened some rooms to stay in. It is a beautiful, old building with lots of character. They even had a one legged guy playing piano, lots of charm, Depsite thier best efforts, they closed this place and moved on. Despite some good turn outs by the locals, I don;t think there was enough business to keep this place afloat.

    • Yes, I can imagine that. A shame, would have been excellent had that worked. Different times back then I guess, it’s quite large so the upkeep probably was quite expensive. How was Franklin back then, all agriculture or was there some other large scale industry/natural resources?

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