David Mallett : Girl From The North Country

Dylan’s classic gets a lovely reworking on this version by David Mallett, the video’s lovely too.

G. Love : Back To Boston

The last time I heard of  Mr. Garrett Dutton aka G. Love was way back in the 90’s – and now I stumbled upon one of his Acoustic Guitar Magazine sessions.

He sure knows how to treat a guitar. Smashing.

Peter Mayer : Awake

To celebrate the arrival of my first Peter Mayer CD (Million Year Mind) in the mail earlier today,

here’s a live version of his song Awake (not on that CD). It’s a fine, lovely and thoughtful song with some mighty fine guitar work.

Lauren Hoffman : Let The Mystery Be

This is ‘just’ a living room/kitchen home recording, and a splendid one at that. Her voice is excellent, and so’s the song. Written by Greg Brown’s wife Iris Dement, and covered by Brown on his most recent studio album Freak Flag this version sounds entirely different and decidedly non-countryish. I love it a lot.I listend to Lauren Hoffman and her then-band September 67 in the late 1990’s, so it’s been quite a while, but she’s definitely still got a lot of talent and is using it in her current band The Secret Storm.