Jesse Fuller : San Francisco Bay Blues

I knew this song from Jorma Kaukonen’s fine live album The Bottom Line, NYC but hadn’t heard about its history or the man behind it, until reading about him in Dave Van Ronk’s The Mayor Of MacDougal Street earlier today. It shows his self-built (and invented) fotdella (the boy standing in front of him,with which he’s playing the bass). Truly an original.

Dave Van Ronk : Cocaine Blues

About time I’m posting a video/song by Dave Van Ronk on here, this one from his fantastic ‘Inside Dave Van Ronk’ (THE album to get if you only get one of his records – and I suggest you do) record. Have been listening to (and enjoying it a lot) this album again these past few days. I really should be writing something about it for this blog, if I could only find the time. Well, someday, I promise. Anyway, enjoy!

He was the inspiration for the Coen Brothers’ film Inside Llewyn Davis btw. – a film I have yet to see I have to admit.